Border Wall Fight

Brick Wall, Stone Wall, Brickwork

America has experienced a partial government shutdown, for almost two weeks, now, and, both sides, seem, to be far apart. As opposed to looking for a meeting – of – the – mind, it seems we are witnessing an updated version of politics, as usual, where the main focus seems to be on private / political agenda, self – interest, and, perhaps, ego, rather than balancing public safety, truth, efficacy, cost – efficiency, etc.. With that in mind, this guide will try to briefly examine, consider, review, and talk, some of the fundamental realities, possibilities, reasons, and if they are more fact, than fiction.

  1. Aside from the ethical considerations, the wall would require an extensive application of the laws of Eminent Domain, because there are numerous locations, where locations are privately owned. In addition, in many locations, natural obstructions (for example, water/ Gulf of Mexico), create additions obstacles to achieving building a 2,000 mile barrier. What will actually be, the overall costs involved, including all of the legal challenges / barriers, construction, and properly installing this enormous wall, and, future maintenance, etc? Is this really, going to reach its stated goals, or is it symbolic, etc?
  2. Ethical/ humankind: It has been less than 30 years, since the Berlin Wall, was removed, and came down. Do you recall the emotional strife, and the humane – oriented factors? How can any wall be esthetic, inspiring, and/ or inspirational?
  3. Does this work? : Would a wall work, concerning the articulated, said issues, of President Donald Trump? How can building a wall, Make America Great Again? When the President was a candidate, he promised this to his core supporters, making it a centre – piece of his effort. However, those stating, all he is doing is keeping his campaign promises, appear to be overlooking, the promise was, Mexico would be paying for the Wall. In addition, the vast majority of security experts, say strongly, a physical barrier is a costly, inefficient, ineffective, step, and, while there’s a demand, for a state – of – the – art, border security program, using more technology and labour, than symbolic barrier.
  4. Why is this the fight? : I cannot speak for the President, but, it seems, this is far more about Mr. Trump, appealing to his core supporters, and political foundation, in addition to the ultra – conservative media, than anything else. Others think this may, also, be an effort, to divert attention from other, much researched other problems. With so many domestic issues, could not over $5 billion, be better used, on pressing matters, such as education, clean water and air, health, etc?

Isn’t it time, for us, to proclaim, we have had enough, of the politics over policy? Wake up, America, and proclaim your priorities!

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