Raccoons in the Attic

Most of the time if you have a raccoon in your attic it is a female looking for a place to have her babies. Females seek out a place to have a nest that is protected from the elements and higher off the ground. They can be built in trees, but an attic is ideal. They will shred the insulation and borrow in it. In Florida breeding time can be all year unlike other parts of the country where it is usually only from January until June.

It is important to have a professional wildlife company like Centurian handle the situation and Iguana Removal for you. Mom’s are very protective of their babies. The pups stay in the nest until around 3 months when they can forage on their own. During that time traps can be placed out to catch the mom. If the pups are in a location that allows our technicians to go in and get them we will reunite them with mom to be relocated. If they are in an unreachable place we will release the mom and she will hopefully be upset enough to get her pups and move on. We do have other humane tricks to get her to take her family safely elsewhere. Once the raccoons are out we will be sure to seal up any entry places so she cannot return.



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