What has ufo advocates stirred up

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Believers and long-time investigators of Unidentified Flying Objects phenomena expressed disappointment concerning the manner Peter Jennings managed the ABC News Special Report recently led to the United States television audience.

They anticipated Peter Jennings Special ABC News Report on UFOs to leave non-believers with a positive impression of the often disputed topic. However, despite such persuasive research, photographs, and documentation as was made accessible to the show’s producers to use by valid investigators, ABC still elected to not use the majority of the best material.

“The first hour of the broadcast was great,” said one frustrated viewer. “Then, in the second half, they turned it around in such a way as to leave countless undecided. ABC’s experts were skeptical of eye-witness sightings, and ignored any official cover-up or disinformation agenda regarding UFOs, extraterrestrials, flying saucers, and alien abductions from our government.”

In startling contrast to the Jennings’ report with its own convenient,”Computer generated animation’s” the well informed 700 UFO Congress attendees watched”Actual time/dated video footage.” A demonstration showing hundreds of UFOs, extraterrestrial, or alien aerial craft has been introduced by Mexico’s most respected,”60 Minutes”,”Sunday To Sunday”, and”ECO” anchor & esteemed journalist, Jaime Maussan.

Maussan was one of those over one-dozen distinguished speakers, scientists, researchers, UFO researchers, retired military analysts, renowned authors, university professors, and internationally acclaimed experts, assembled from around the world, who presented conclusive evidence of ordinary alien visitations to Earth Earth.

The worldwide view was overwhelmingly positive in agreement that UFOs are real and the consequences of the growing willingness to let themselves be filmed is just another sign that the people of the planet has to be brought up to speed.

The Safespace News Agency, a fact based video News Magazine was established on the premise that THE MAINSTREAM NEWS IS THE COVER-UP!

In accordance with Safespace North American manufacturer, Robert D. Miles,”Our journalists at http://SafespaceProject.com are prepared to debunk the debunkers,” he guaranteed. “We are getting ready to tell the world the true story of what’s really happening, on a planetary basis. Viewers will see our planet as it actually is, not as they’re now being told it is, from the mainstream media.

In the not too distant future, stirred-up UFO advocates might not be let-down.

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